Crystal Cleaning Company LLC


Jim Gamble



About Crystal Cleaning Company LLC

The Crystal Cleaning Company promises to give you the very best in service in Parking Garage Cleaning. If you desire oil removed, columns washed, no etch marks…. If you desire all cleanings to be the very best and to exceed EPA discharge requirements, then look no further. After 27 years of specializing in Parking Garage Facility Cleaning, we have come to know what clean really means.

Company History

The Crystal Cleaning Company L.L.C., was founded by Jim Gamble in 1989. He saw that a need was on the horizon with cleaning Parking Garage Facilities while preventing contaminants from entering our waterways.

Since then, the company has grown far above anyone’s expectations. No other company has the most advanced equipment for garage cleaning then The Crystal Cleaning Company !

Currently, the Crystal Cleaning Company is the only company on the West Coast to invest over $300,000 dollars in the latest washing technology called Thermal Extraction Process. Thermal Extraction Process allows us to reach temperatures in excess of 340 degrees.